We do that occassionaly, particularly if chickens are involved.

We started out with ten Black Sex-link chicks in 2006.  Through a couple unexplained deaths and predation, we now have three.  They continue to faithfully lay eggs.  Of all our chickens, they are the calmest and smartest.

Then we got ten White Rock chicks in 2007 when the Blacks were starting to go into their first null year, as chickens do.  Again, we now have five.  Though we were told incorrectly they lay white eggs, White Rocks lay brown.  They are the toughest of our chickens, meaning, they're rude.

Thirdly, ten Production Reds in 2008, when the Blacks were coming back into production and the Whites were going into null.  Soon, we realized that one of our supposed pullets was a rooster.  Though he was a pretty thing, we gave him to a local woman as a replacement for her aging Rhode Island Red rooster.  That made nine pullets, and we now have four.

In 2009, we got ten Ameracaunas and the feed store threw in a Brown Leghorn.  The Leghorn was caught accidentally with the Ameracauna chicks and we just decided to keep her.  We have never seen such FLUFFY chickens as these Ameracaunas.  Their cheeks and necks are incredibly puffed up with feathers.  The green eggs are so cute, too.  The Ameracaunas, or Easter-Eggers, are between the Whites and Leghorn in personality.  The Leghorn is the most suspicious and nervous creature we have ever seen apart from a rodent.  After a sudden predation, we lost three of our EE's.

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