2010 Kids

Below is the list of does that have kidded this spring, and the prices of their kids at weaning time.  All kids are for sale. 


Breeding:                             Price:               Bucks/Does (Reserved):

Cyrano/Saddles                   $75                     0/1   (1/2)

 April 10, 2010

Saddles gave birth to triplets!  Two doelings:


Cadbury (SOLD)

And a buckling! 



They will be available for purchase once they reach three months of age.  Lindor will be castrated unless the buyer requests otherwise.



We have a small herd of goats, which means that we have a very limited number of kids available for sale each year.  Reserving a goat is a way to ensure that you have the best chance of acquiring a kid.

You can reserve kids before birth or being weaning.  To reserve a goat, we require a $25 non-refundable deposit per goat.  This deposit will place you on the list.  We will then contact everyone on the list in the order we received their deposits and make appointments.  Here's how you can do it.


Before kidding:

1. Contact us and let us know you would like to reserve.

2. Fill out the Pre-Kidding Reservation Contract (listed below)

3. Mail us the completed reservation contract and the deposit

You can also reserve kids from a particular dam.  Simply note your preference on the contract.  Please realize that this will limit the scope of your reservation.


Before weaning:

1. Contact us and make an appointment to visit our ranch

2. Select the animals you would like to purchase

3. Fill out the reservation contract

4. Mail or give us the completed contract and the deposit

 Pre-Kidding Reservation Contract


Rampant Raven Ranch (the seller) hereby grants to __________________ (the buyer) the right to a first-reserve, first-serve opportunity to set an appointment to reserve for purchase at weaning ______wethers, ______doelings, ______bucklings.  The buyer has deposited $25 USD per head towards the final purchase price of the kid(s) reserved.  The seller will return this deposit if no kid(s) of the specified gender is available for sale.

In the event that the buyer refused to select any of the animals available, the buyer forfeits the deposit.

The seller agrees to contact the buyer at the e-mail address provided when the kids are between two and six weeks of age.  Once the seller notifies the buyer, the buyer will have two full business days to contact the seller and set an appointment to visit and reserve a kid(s).  Notification will be on a first-come, first-serve basis in order of payment of the reservation deposit.  This contract does not guarantee that the appointments will fall in a first-come, first-serve basis, only that the opportunity to set appointments will be in that order.

If the kidding dates of the herd are farther apart than the two to six week range given, then the buyer will be notified when the first kids reach six weeks of age.  The buyer will then have an opportunity to reserve from all kids between two and six weeks of age.  If the buyer reserves a kid, this contract has been fulfilled.

If, however, the buyer does not reserve a kid, then the buyer will be notified when all available kids are at least two weeks of age.  The buyer will then have the opportunity to reserve from the available kids.  If the buyer still does not reserve a kid, the buyer will forfeit the deposit.



*Note-This is not the entire Contract.  We will send you a PDF file of the entire contract after you Contact us.*

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