The Hosses

 Somebody is probably wondering what "hosses" means.  That, my dear visitor, is how true country people say "horses".  A horse is a "hoss".  Try saying it.  It's very catchy.  We used to say horses, before we moved to Raven Ranch.  Now we all say hosses.  (Though it's hard with conversations in mixed company, because it seems nobody has ever heard a proper country accent before!)

We have two horses residing at Raven Ranch, a grey Quarter horse, and a chestnut Arabian, both geldings.  They add flair to the property and come complete with an endless supply of quality manure.   



He was our first big animal.  We bought him from a neighbor for Rebecca's birthday and he's been a prankster and bane on all doors/fences/enclosures since.  He's notoriously curious about everything, to the point that he might just destroy everything.  Ghost will also open slide-lock doors if left unlocked.  He's smart, stubborn, arrogant, and jealous, but he's a sweetheart anyway. 

Be careful with oranges or figs, because he might accidentally bite off your fingers.  He will do just about anything for figs or oranges.  Sadly, we have a fig tree.




We got Jubilee a few months after Ghost in the summer of 2006.  He was seventeen years old at that time.  You could have believed it.  When we got him, he was overweight but malnourished from an improper feed ration, he was close to foundering, and flies had caused him to rub his ears bloody. 

Now, four years later, you'd think he was a different horse.  The farrier got his feet back to normal, the flies weren't even around so gradually, Jubilee's ears recovered, and he's on a balanced senior feed that has really made him recover.  Jubilee's personality has really had the chance to shine through now that he is healthy.  He is respectful but earnest and will keep running when even Ghost, many years his junior, would stop, and loves to go for rides when before he dreaded them.  Jubilee has altogether been a very good hoss to us.  In fact, you'd think he was Ghost's age, the way he acts.

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